Welcome To Legis League

Announcing the LEGIS League, an awards program for Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation riders competing at a variety of levels. Both USEF and non-USEF shows are encouraged to participate in the LEGIS League. Horses ridden by LEGIS League member riders earn points for participation in designated classes, and the top point earners are invited to compete in the LEGIS League Finals 2015.

To qualify for the Hunter, Horsemanship, and Jumper LEGIS League Finals horse/rider combinations must accrue at least one point in the division.

Hunter Sections

  • LEGIS Hunter Derby 3'5" & under
  • Adult Amateur Hunter 3'0"
  • Children's Hunter 3'0"
  • Low Adult Hunter 2'6"
  • Low Children's Hunter 2'6"
  • Demi Child/Adult Hunter 2’3’’
  • Children's Pony Hunter


  • Mini Hunter Child/Adult Horsemanship 2'0"
  • Intro Rider Horsemanship
  • Walk/Trot Horsemanship

Jumper Sections

  • .70 Child/Adult Jumper
  • .80 Child/Adult Jumper
  • .90 Child/Adult Jumper
  • Low Children's/ Adult Jumper 1.0-1.05m
  • Children's Jumper 1.10m
  • Adult Amateur Jumper 1.10m
  • Jr/Am Jumper 1.15-1.20m

Medal Classes

  • LEGIS Children's Medal 3'0"
  • LEGIS Amateur Medal 3'0"
  • LEGIS Jr/Am Jumper Medal 1.0m
  • LEGIS Child/Adult Medal 2'6"
  • LEGIS Mini Medal 2'0"

Equitation Sections

  • Child/Adult Equitation 3’-3’3"
  • Low Child/Adult Equitation 2’6’’-2’9"
  • Demi Child/Adult Equitation 2’3"

Regional LEGIS League Finals will be held during the LA Season Finale Horse Show, and the Arizona Fall Classic